Slideshow of Photographs and Descriptions

For a slide show of the Hubble Deep Space Telescope photographs with astronomical descriptions, select the images on the right. No software other than your Internet browser is needed.


Hubble slide showHubble slide showHubble slide show
QuickTime panaoramic tour of the galaxy

QuickTime Galactic Panorama

Like a modern day Odysseus, go on a panoramic odyssey of the galaxy by selecting the image on the left. You will pilot a galactic spaceship. Using your mouse to control your flight path, you will steer through the galaxy, while viewing the amazing Hubble Deep Space Telescope images. Enjoy your odyssey.

You will need Apple's free QuickTime Player to view the panorama. Use the link on the right for the free player if you do not already have it on your computer.

Download your free QuickTime Player

Photographs and astronomical descriptions courtesy of NASA and AURA/STScI

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