A Revolutionary Healthcare Initiative from Business eSolutions

What would you say if you heard about a system that would reduce healthcare costs by 40% while improving service across all healhcare value chain sectors? What if it also provided all client healthcare information to doctors and other health service professionals at the point of service? What if customers never had to fill out health forms again? Does this seem to good to be true?

All these features and many more are part of Business eSolutions revolutionary patent pending healthcare information system. Besides customer and caregiver features, the innovative design provides the tools necessary for the creation and ongoing operation of new methods for healthcare insurance coverage; tools to market new health plans, coverage options, and services; as well as research tools for medical product developers, educational insititutions, regulatory agencies and public health agencies.

Business eSolutions is looking for partners, investors and licencees to bring to market this revolutionary initiative which will transform healthcare in the new millenium. For more information Contact Us.

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