Using the Internet for Market Leadership

Your Internet strategy is your map to a New World of business possibilities. The Internet can enable you to reduce product and service operating costs, extend your current market offerings and, at the same time, ensure uninterrupted business continuity through disaster recovery capabilities.

The Internet is a tool to deliver and extend any information-based aspect of your business, the growth engine of profitability. In addition, from its initial design by the Department of Defense to enable self rerouting communications, the Internet can be your key to uninterrupted business continuity; the goal of disaster recovery planning.

Two activities are critical to the success of your Internet development effort: defining your Internet Strategy and identifying the right Project Lifecycle Model to develop and implement your systems. Business eSolutions provides System Development Project Management services, Problem Project Diagnostic and Recovery services and Project Management Training Courses to help you define your business strategy, manage and estimate your project requirements and deliverables, define your business requirements, and identify and manage your business risks. Our revolutionary Risk Management and Facilitation Service provides your team with project success insurance. In addition, we can help you define a lifecycle methodology customized to your organizational strengths and development risks. Our mission is to help our clients produce quality systems on time and on budget.

Business eSolutions can help you map your industry value chain; the stakeholders, operations, and knowledge that define your business. We can help you to:

—Identify opportunities as well as the strategies for capitalizing on those opportunities.

—Re-engineer your business processes to compete in a changing business environment.

—Maximize your Internet presence, both in daily operations and to ensure disaster recovery.

—Manage your Internet development projects to reduce risk and extend productivity.

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